Welcome to my website, where I look forward to sharing some of my art, and art-related activities with you! To see my most recent artwork, click on the BLOG link above. 

I’ve been an artist since I was very young and to this day art continues to connect and enhance all the elements of my life. I create art, teach art, and write about it as well. I exhibit my art, which happily can be found in many private collections.

My career is guided not only by a passion for art but by a question, “Why shouldn’t everyone have access to this wonderful experience!?”  As a longtime instructor at Silvermine School of Art, my focus is on ‘the absolute and utter beginner” adult. I’ve written two well-received books – Drawing for the Absolute, and Utter Beginner and Painting for the Absolute and Utter Beginner – based on my teaching experience. The former book has been translated into four languages, (which I find so thrilling!) I’m welcoming a new association this fall as well, as a columnist for Drawing magazine, and will be offering Off the Wall, classes and workshops on creative process once again.

My combined interests extend back to Toronto in the 60’s , where I had an opportunity to work with visionary people on unique creative projects in teaching and publishing. I’ll be sharing some images and information about these projects, all of them unified by my ongoing interest in inclusion, facilitated by the arts.

When I let people know what I do for a living they’ll often reply that they used to draw or paint as a kid, and they loved it. And I encourage them to take a class or workshop to restart that interest. So along with my artwork on the site, I’ll be offering you information on my “for the Absolute and Utter Beginner” and “Off the Wall” courses, workshops, and books, which were created to help you rediscover and develop your own artistic vision!

For more information about Drawing magazine and where to find my article in the fall 2013 issue you can view this video.

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