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“Off the Wall” Create your creativity….!

Here’s some information about a new course I’m giving called, “Off the Wall” (and there are some workshops below as well). Or should I say, old new course? In that it’s back by popular demand. Silvermine cleaned up my description posted here, which was a bit zany in tone. I think I said “no fireworks,” re supplies, at least literally. Because strangely bright and explosive art does figuratively  occur!

Anyone at any level can participate since the art media involved can be as basic as cutting and pasteing, or as traditional a hand craft as sewing. You’ll find you can make art out of many things you’ve set your hand to- as in, remember those potholder sets?  That’s part of the discovery in this class.

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Aldrich Creativity Conference

I’ll be giving a workshop at this conference. You and your business may benefit from all that will be offered at this amazing weekend.

Advancing Creative Thinking: Imagination to Innovation
A cross-disciplinary conference in Ridgefield, CT
The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum: 258 Main Street
Ridgefield Library: 472 Main Street
Friday, April 27, and Saturday, April 28, 2012
$125 complete two-day conference; partial packages available 

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Color Star Wars!

Color Star Wars! Color has its rules, and you can trip over them if you aren’t watching. Three power couples -The Complementaries: Red and Green, Orange and Blue, Yellow and Purple-rule the color wheel. As a painter you’ve got to know how to deal with them, or they can ruin your painting experience. Handled with a respect for their nature, they’ll help your art work move ahead

Many novice painters working on their own can’t figure out why, when they mix color with every good intention and lots of passion, they achieve a muddy result instead of the color they want.  The unintentional mixing of complements or near complements (more on these later) is often the reason.

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