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Howler Hat

Howler Hat. Where did that come from?

I shop for this kind of hat.  But I can’t find it, so I need to make it. And it “arrives” BECAUSE I want it. I’m open to it.

My paintings are wish fulfillments. (All art is wish fulfillment.)

The work in this recent series started this way: in the studio taking a painting break, I began looking through “visual resources”- my compost heap of art history books, nature photography, vintage postcards, National Enquirer mags (oh yes!), fashion books from the Victorian age/40’s/ 50’s.  Noticed how the photograph of a wintry Niagara Falls on a postcard and an image from a Victorian dress echoed each other. (Sources are pictured to the left below.) Did a sketch to see how I could put them together, liked the results, and got hooked. See if you can find the resulting Niagara Falls dresscape amongst my other dresscapes on the site.

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