Painting Class Starts!

We start our first class with an introduction  to basic painting supplies-brushes,palette, acrylic paints- and how to use them, in order to feel comfortable enough to enjoy the painting process. Students use a  color palette limited to black, white, and the choice of one of three complementary color pairs-yellow/purple, or green/red, or blue/orange.(These are the colors sitting across from eachother on the color wheel).  Alot of color principles can be learned in just three hours by limiting the color palette in this way. For instance, once you know that mixing complementary color pairs makes beautiful neutrals and grays, you can make them when you want, avoid them when you don’t! There’s no drawing necessary for this exercize, just a simple doodle, and everyone is expert at that! When our doodle project is finished, we make monoprints by pressing water color paper onto the remaining paint on the palette after we’ve worked into that with our brush hairs and handles.

Neelum and Sumati working

tacey carroll with two of her monoprints


richard and lisa painting
a small monoprint by richard nichol
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