Teaching & Workshops

My teaching came out a desire to share the pleasure. And a belief that if I could do it, so could anyone who wanted to do it. My premise was an untested gut sense, but luckily it turned out to be true! In fact, quite astonishingly so: adult absolute and utter beginners, using the teaching method designed for them, produce eloquent, beautiful artwork within literally hours, despite no previous training. No wonder I love to teach. This is always great to watch and be a part of.

I teach “for the Absolute and Utter Beginner” courses at Silvermine Art School where I have been a  faculty member for 25 years. “Absolute and Utter Beginner” teaching is structured. It begins at the very beginning with all important very first steps in a sequence that unfolds naturally and logically. Goals are achievable, especially at the outset. The method provides beginners with techniques, constructive  feedback,  understanding of foundation principles, and appreciation of the work that’s produced.

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